About us



Venteli Solutions is a young digital transformation company that is driven by a vision to grow. Led by highly-qualified, experienced and dynamic result-oriented individuals, Venteli uses unique processes to identify alternative solutions that will help you achieve your business goals. While bridging the marketing and IT gap, we also reimagine technology to accelerate your business and help you approach your technological requirements with a fresh mindset.

Venteli Solutions distinguishes itself from other providers by delivering pocket-friendly and customized go-to-market products. We deal with every aspect of Information Technology and utilize our expertise to provide you with end-to-end solutions for all your digital needs.


Director: CA Venkata Nehru Kumar Telikicherla, PMP, CMA

“Having experienced what transformation by itself can do, I ventured upon creating Venteli Solutions with an aim to make change mainstream. I believe that when we transform businesses, and people along with it, then there is positive growth. That is why I decided to part ways with a multinational to become an entrepreneur who completely understands the need to change and with a vision towards lateral progress.”

Director: Raghu Gaddam, Masters, Digital Marketing Expert & strategist

“With Years of Experience as a creative content writer, I enhanced my skill-set by gaining thorough knowledge on all aspects of Digital marketing. What I do is straightforward, that means I create innovative strategies to build brand for the startups and elevate the level of existing brands in the market. One good thing with me is, am quite smart with the branding aspects for graphic and web designing. So, all in all I can add value to your brand as a Branding consultant….