Software Development

Application Development

Experts at Venteli Solutions ensure the success of your application through established processes that can be tailored to meet a client’s requirements. Especially when it comes to designing high-quality applications, our personnel are unsurpassed. In order to provide comprehensive support for the organization’s technical and business needs, we also create extensions and enhancements as well.

Customized solutions

By applying the Oracle Application Framework, skilled technicians at Venteli Solutions provide personalized services for our Oracle E-Business Suite customers. We extend application pages according to customer requirements and tailor functionalities integrated into the application.


Quality Assurance is an integral part of every application. Venteli Solutions limits application failures through comprehensive testing services that enhance the overall quality of the end product. We use rigorous testing practices to ensure flawlessness, scalability and long-term functioning.

IT Services

Venteli Solutions is a wholesome, well-rounded IT services company that works in conjunction with fast-changing times. Unlike other companies, we do not provide IT solutions on a whim. Instead we encourage collaborative thinking bringing the best minds in the industry together thus empowering all our executives to provide the right kind of solution that suits a business environment. We will take complete and proper care of your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on the other important core functionalities of your business thus fully supporting you in your growth. Venteli Solutions go out of the way to provide you with the following IT services.

Administration Training

Systems administration plays an extremely important role in the deployment and configuration of servers. Therefore, we provide comprehensive Sysadmin training that covers the fundamentals as well as group settings besides customizing tasks thus helping you develop the relevant IT skills that will let you deliver every IT requirement across varied environments. For those who are looking to expand their existing skills sets, then Venteli Solutions is where you should be right now.


The best minds at Venteli Solutions come together to use their expertise and deep-tech background to provide comprehensive IT consulting services involving digital and technological transformations that are beyond your imagination. Automate and digitalize your environment while optimizing your enterprise portfolio to reflect your future-readiness and achieve all your business goals and objectives through us. Don’t get distracted trying to resolve all your IT challenges. Leave that to the experts. We provide strategic IT Consulting services to support organizations of any size.

Data Classification

Venteli Solutions provides you with data classification services that help you discover the data that you hold, where it is located and how to access it, while appropriately combining security controls to mitigate any loss of integrity, confidentiality and availability. We apply definitions within the context of every organization and ensure that data is properly classified based on its sensitivity, and the regulatory and privacy policies that surround it. With our high-level data classification techniques, you will be able to assign a value to your unstructured information based on its individual definitions. We will also help you adhere to compliance requirements thus allowing successful application and securing all organizational information.

Implementation services

Manage all your IT services through Venteli Solutions reliable and cost-effective implementation that is strategized to minimize downtimes, increase your network speed and reducing your risks. We plan your projects while exonerating basic installation for highly complex projects that are performed by our well-qualified and skilled experts. Establish, relocate and refurbish your information technology infrastructure to fulfill futuristic and intelligent mission requirements. Through our time-tested processes, we also identify requirements, gather them, design the analysis, plan, perform network and systems installations, manage logistics, integration and quality assurance and much more, while also providing you with the required documentation.

Post implementation support

It would be best if you left your technology to Venteli Solutions, and let the specialists manage, fix and mitigate your IT risk. Every project after implementation requires maintenance. This is also one of the most important aspects of a project, which is rather underestimated. Our professionals possess paramount skill sets to provide the best post implementation support for both simple and complex deployments. The actual success of an implemented application is measured by its accessibility, availability and more importantly sustainability. Venteli Solutions strategize post implementation support so that it contributes to maximum ROIs both short term and long term.

Troubleshooting Support

No organization is immune to IT troubles. Venteli Solutions takes ownership of your problem and provides you with quick troubleshooting support.  Our support techs are just so knowledgeable that you do not have to explain your issue more than once. We will carefully examine the problem and only ask questions that are necessary. We also believe in delivering what our customers demand and therefore, never beat around the bush. All courses of action that we take will be clearly explained to you in exactly the way you understand. We don’t support our egos – we support you!